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Welcome to Linguamongolia!

The aim of this website is to further promote the study of the Mongolian language, and the rich literary history of this otherwise neglected part of Asia. It is hoped that this website will act as a focal point for the development of new talent in the study and translation of Mongolian literature in the new millennium. Unlike other Asian languages, the student of Mongolian is faced with a daunting and unrewarding task, resources are scarce and difficult to locate, and the only grammars of the literary language are all out of print. Even with the advent of the Internet and the information age, the level of online coverage for this important Asian language remains unacceptably low. To this end, Lingua Mongolia aims to provide students and researchers with free unhindered access to first-rate language resources, in the form of digitised books, processed texts and an online dictionary. It is my sincere hope that this site will provide for the needs of Mongolists at all levels, from those taking their first tentative steps into the study of this beautiful language, to those who have already beaten a path to the gates of Kharakhorum.

The previous version of Lingua Mongolia was advertised as a means of learning classical Mongolian, which has led to some confusion. The term 'classical Mongolian' technically refers only to the language of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, when the written Mongolian language was standardised in order to facilitate the translation of Buddhist literature. The focus of Lingua Mongolia is not strictly the classical language but rather the literary language of the Mongols over the last eight hundred years; from the pre-classical Mongolian of the Secret History right up to modern literary Mongolian, as it still exists in Inner Mongolia. It is worth noting however that the term classical Mongolian is sometimes used to distinguish Uighur-script Mongolian from the Cyrillic Mongolian used by the Mongols north of the Gobi.

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